Collaborating with  instrumentists

The Creative process for violins, violas and celli


he search for a violin is an important step in the career of a musician as this choice shall accompany them for many years to come. In this sense, the violin maker plays a crucial role in guiding the musician and understanding their individual needs in order to find a sound that perfectly corresponds to them.

The understanding between violin maker and musician develops through attentiveness to 3 key points:

  • the musician’s ear, which has been shaped by their past experiences and instruments

  • their reactions to various models of instruments

  • and finally, the direct formulation of the musician’s expectations and requirements


This exchange is followed by the development and creation of an instrument according to the musician’s specific needs. Choice of the wood is finalised  , recordings of the ideal sound  are shared . Finally after exchanging during the making process the presentation of the finished instrument to the musician is made . At this stage, it is important to keep in mind that adjustment to sound and playing comfort are possible, and often necessary.

This is often followed by a trial period, generally of a few weeks, in which the musician makes their final decision on whether or not to take the instrument.

Consequently, through daily practice, the instrument often shapes itself to the sound of the musician, who leaves upon it their own imprint which varies according to their sound and style. Throughout this, the violin maker remains at the musician’s disposal in order to accompany them in the development of their instrument. Therefore, in order to guarantee complete satisfaction, during the first 5 years after purchasing the instrument, services such as maintenance, sound adjustments etc are free of charge and the integrity of the instrument is guaranteed for life.

Jérémie Legrand Luthier