From learning to play to the making of violins


Jeremie Legrand is a luthier, specialising in the making of violins, violas and cellos. He currently works in Landerneau, France. He started playing the violin at the ripe age of 5, taking lessons at the conservatoire for the duration of his studies, and has continued to play actively ever since. From a young age, Jeremie has been fascinated with the art of violin making, and consequently studied at the school of Mirecourt, the French national school of violin making, where he designed and produced his first violin at the age of 15. After 5 years of training, he obtained a diploma in 1995 in Violin Making, with honours. He continued his career by working for both great Irish and Parisian luthiers and in 1997 moved to Cork to establish his own workshop.

His relationships with high level musicians such as Maurice Hasson of the Royal Academy , the RTE Vanbrugh Quartet and Nigel Kennedy have allowed him to acquire an understanding of the specific needs of each individual musician.

To this day, the quality of Jeremie Legrand’s instruments is recognised by great musicians in orchestras around the world, such the Berlin, Las Palmas and Vienna Philharmonics. But Jérémie makes a point  in being accessible to promising students and advanced amateurs alike.  He has been published on numerous occasions, notably in 2012 for Strad Magazine.